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  Using the Spyce request object, we can obtain 
  information sent along with the request. The 
  table below shows some request methods and their 
  return values. Use the form below to post form 
  data via GET or POST. <br>
  [[-- input forms --]]
  <form action="[[=request.uri('path')]]" method=get>
    get: <input type=text name=name>
    <input type=submit value=ok>
  <form action="[[=request.uri('path')]]" method=post>
    post: <input type=text name=name>
    <input type=submit value=ok>
  [[-- tabulate response information --]]
  <table border=1>
      <td><b>Return value</b></td>
    [[ for method in ['uri()', 'uri("path")',
      'uri("query")', 'method()','query()',
      'get()','get1()', 'post()','post1()',
      'getHeader()','env()', 'filename()']: { 
        <td valign=top>request.[[=method]]</td>
        <td>[[=eval('request.%s' % method)]]</td>
    [[ } ]]
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