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A page of links to various sources of information about or related to Spyce. If you know of any additional Spyce-related articles, tutorials, projects, or hosts please send email.

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Articles and various documents online
  • Scharfe W├╝rzmischun, iX, 12 Dec 2003. (Link)
    An article in a popular German IT magazine.
  • Python wrap-up, Network World Fusion, 16 Jun 2003. (Link)
    "Spyce consists of a small core module with additional modules, including access to HTTP requests, generation of HTTP responses and error handling."
  • Python web development, really, comp.lang.python, 25 Jan 2003. (Link)
    "I've checked the majority of them out and Spyce gets my thumbs up."
  • Web Framework shootout, undated. (Link)
    "Spyce is one among a family of systems that embeds Python in HTML, similar to PHP or ASP. Many of the other attempts have fallen by the wayside, never developed to their potential..."
  • Readers react to phpBB & Spyce series, LinuxWorld, 25 Nov 2002. (Link)
    "But it does demonstrate you can make Python - and therefore Spyce - do just about anything short of washing your socks."
  • How to Spyce up your data, LinuxWorld, 18 Nov 2002. (Link)
    "Third and final installment in our series on tricks, tips and techniques for making Spyce work with your server."
  • PHP and Python Hit Prime Time, ComputerWorld, 11 Nov 2002. (Link)
    "Spyce is a newcomer to the Python Web applications approach, and it may not only push Webware off the map, it could also eventually give PHP a run for its money."
  • Variety is the Spyce of Python, LinuxWorld, 11 Nov 2002. (Link)
    "Spyce is a versatile means of integrating Python code into HTML and vice versa. Here are more tricks, tips, and techniques for making spyce work with your server."
  • How to add Spyce to your life, LinuxWorld, 4 Nov 2002. (Link currently broken; maybe LinuxWorld will fix it...)
    "There's a new method for doing server-side Python scripting for Web applications in town, and its name is Spyce. Spyce takes an approach similar to PHP. It lets you intermingle Python scripts, statements and variables with HTML to produce dynamically generated Web pages."
  • Spyce Wikipedia entry

Spyce hosting

  • WebFaction (formerly python-hosting)
  • GrokThis.net
  • WestHost -- inexpensive virtual private servers (VPS)
  • ServerPronto -- dedicated servers cheaper than some outfits' VPS
  • Anywhere that lets you run CGI, FastCGI, mod_python, or gives you a VPS

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