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Spyce Powered

If you use and like Spyce, you can also help broaden the Spyce community by placing one of the logos below on your website, with a link to the Spyce site. Code snippets are provided so that you can simply copy-and-paste into your HTML:
Logo HTML code
<a href="http://spyce.sourceforge.net">
  <img width=120 height=50 border=0 
<a href="http://spyce.sourceforge.net">
  <img width=72 height=32 border=0 
<a href="http://spyce.sourceforge.net">
  <img width=30 height=36 border=0 
<a href="http://spyce.sourceforge.net">
  <img width=134 height=32 border=0 

The very cute Spyce mascot is called 'Pilpel', which means pepper (as in the vegetable and the spice) in Hebrew. It's a specially-shaped pepper that reminds one of a Python snake. Pilpel was designed and drawn by Natalya Katsnelson.

Direct assistance

If you would like get your hands dirty, there are things for you to do:

  • report bugs and help in their resolution
  • send new code or patches (but please make sure that new code does not break things that work)
  • write more documentation, more examples and demos

If you would like to join the Spyce project as a developer, documenter, publicist, or in some other capacity, just fire an email.

Spyce evangelism

Making Spyce more popular means more support from the user community, more bug reports, more ideas, and more people. All of this can boost Spyce development and bug fixing activities, improve the quality of support provided by the community in mailing lists, etc. Here are some evangelism ideas:

  • place links to the Spyce site at your Web pages
  • rate Spyce in software directories such as freshmeat.net and OSDir.com
  • recommend Spyce in web forums, mailing lists, etc.
  • write Spyce reviews for web sites, printed magazines, etc.
  • tell your friends

Your help in spreading the word and broadening the community is appreciated!

Spyce logo
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