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Documentation - Introduction

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1.2. Design Goals

As a Spyce user, it helps to understand the broad design goals of this tool. Spyce is designed to be:

  • Minimalist: The philosophy behind the design of Spyce is only to include features that particularly enhance its functionality over the wealth that is already available from within Python. One can readily import and use Python modules for many functions, and there is no need to recode large bodies of functionality.
  • Powerful: Spyce aims to free the programmer from as much "plumbing"-style drudgery as possible through features such as Active Handlers and reusable Active Tags.
  • Modular: Spyce is built to be extended with Spyce modules and Active Tags that provide additional functionality over the core engine capabilities and standard Python modules. New features in the core engine and language are rationalised against the option of creating a new module or a new tag library. Standard Spyce modules and tag libraries are those that are considered useful in a general setting and are included in the default Spyce distribution. Users and third-parties are encouraged to develop their own Spyce modules.
  • Intuitive: Obey user expectations. Part of this is avoiding special cases.
  • Convenient: Using Spyce should be made as efficient as possible. This, for example, is the reason behind the choice of [[ as delimeters over alternatives such as <? (php) and <% (jsp). (However, ASP/JSP-style delimeters are also supported, so if you're used to that style and like it, feel free to continue using it with Spyce.) Functions and modules are also designed with as many defaults as possible. There are no XML configuration files in Spyce.
  • Single-purpose: To be the best, most versatile, wildly-popular Python-based dynamic HTML engine. Nothing more; nothing less.
  • Fast: Performance is important. It is expected that Spyce will perform comparably with any other dynamic, scripting solutions available.

Now, let's start using Spyce...

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