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3.10.1. Overview

Spyce (the core engine and all the standard modules) currently requires Python version 2.3 or greater. Spyce uses no version-specific Apache features.

Spyce supports operation through its own webserver, FastCGI, mod_python, Apache proxy, CGI, and the command-line. Some of these require configuration-specific tweaks. These are kept to an absolute minimum, however; where possible, the configuration of the Spyce engine is performed through the Spyce configuration module. The supported adapters are:

  • Web server: The preferred alternative is to serve Spyce files via its built-in webserver. For production use, it is recommended to do this as a proxy behind another server such as Apache that handles static content, url rewriting, ssl, etc. This is the best option if it is available to you, since you only have a single process (with concurrency provided by multithreading) which makes resource pooling (data, database handles, etc.) an easy way to help your site scale. It also avoids the waste of loading your code into multiple Python interpreters.
  • FastCGI: This is a CGI-like interface that is relatively fast, because it does not incur the large process startup overhead on each request.
  • mod_python: This is another relatively performant way to serve up Spyce. If this is that is your chosen Apache integration route, make sure you can first get mod_python running on your system, before adding Spyce to the mix.
  • CGI: Failing these alternatives, you can always process requests via regular CGI, but this alternative is the slowest option and is intended primarily for those who do not have much control over their web environments.
  • Command line: Spyce is useful as a command-line tool for pre-processing Spyce pages and creating static HTML files. This documentation, for instance, is produced this way.
  • Others: Spyce abstracts its operating environment using a thin abstraction layer. Spyce users have written small Spyce adapters for the Xitami webserver and also to integrate with the Coil framework. Writing your own adapter, should the need arise, is therefore a realistic possibility.
The following sections assume that you have already downloaded and uncompressed Spyce.
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