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Documentation - History

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4.2. History

The initial idea for a Python-based HTML scripting language came in May 1999, a few months after I (Rimon) had first learned of Python, while working with JSP on some website. The idea was pretty basic and I felt that someone was bound to implement it sooner or later, so I waited. But, nobody stepped up to the task, and the idea remained little more than a design in my head for two and a half years. In early 2002, after having successfully used Python extensively for various other tasks and gaining experience with the language, I began to revisit my thoughts on a Python-based HTML scripting language, and by late May 2002 the beta of version 1.0 was released.

Version 1.0 had support for standard features like get and post, cookies, session management, etc. Development was still on-going, but Spyce was mature and being used on live systems. Support of various features was enhanced for about a week or two, and then a new design idea popped into my head. Version 1.1 was the first modular release of Spyce. Lots of prior functionality was shipped out of the core engine and into standard modules. Many, many new modules and features were added. Spyce popularity rose to the top percentile of SourceForge projects and the user base grew. Version 1.2 represented a greatly matured release of Spyce. Spyce got a totally revamped website and documentation, and development continued. Version 1.3 introduced active tags. More performance work, more modules, etc.

In February 2005 Jonathan Ellis was hired by SilentWhistle to work on their web application, written in Spyce. He began by overhauling the Active Tag code and was soon deep in the guts of Spyce. Jonathan added Active Handlers, parent templates, and the tag compiler on the way to Version 2.0.

In July 2006 Version 2.1 introduced the Spyce login tags and database integration via SQLAlchemy, as well as improvments to parameter marshalling for Active Handlers.

For more detail, please refer to the change log. As always, user feedback is welcome and appreciated.

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