[[ Spyce ]]

Web development is fun again!

Spyce will not waste your time with

  • Clunky code reuse constructs
  • XML, YAML, or a templating language you've never seen before; everything is Python
  • Manually accessing GET and POST page parameters
  • Writing boilerplate code for form validation
  • Editing multiple files for each user-visible page
  • Writing SQL queries by hand
  • Rolling your own authentication framework
Spyce takes the drudgery out. All you need is Python to get started!

3 steps to Spyce

  • Download (version XXY released on XXZ)
  • Install: rpm -i, tar -xzf or unzip
  • python -u installationpath/spyceCmd.py -l
    • (If installed from RPM: /usr/share/spyce/spyceCmd.py -l)
Congratulations, you're running the built-in Spyce webserver. Go to http://localhost:8000/index.spy and check it out!

What's next?

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